Healing Depression:

Feeling helpless, hopeless, or profoundly sad?

Depression is a very common condition, AND, it is a treatable condition.

Medically speaking, Depression is understood as a chemical imbalance of the brain.

The chemical imbalance causes symptoms such as:  inability to sleep, or excessive sleeping, poor ability to concentrate, excessive appetite or no appetite at all, inability to make decisions, irritability, anxiety and an attitude of; I don't care.

What causes Depression:

There is no one cause of depression.

Depression is triggered by an inability to cope with life right now.

Depression is your body saying;

In Depression the voice within is ceaseless:

Can depression be helped?

Most definitely!

When the voice within does not stop and the thoughts keep repeating over and over, a viscous cycle develops.

It's an abusive cycle and you are the one being abused.

Depression is helped by addressing the voice within.

Breathwork is a natural, gentle, breathing process, facilitating you to explore your inner world.

Breathwork studies the mind so that you discover what mind is telling you that is not true.

It  is an effective, efficient and productive process for healing depression.


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