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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a gentle, natural, breathing process facilitating you to explore your inner world.

Have you ever heard yourself say; There's a part of me that just knew I shouldn't do it, or shouldn't say it, but I just couldn't help myself.

Or you might say; One part of me wants to go one way and another part wants to go in the opposite direction.

In both of these statements there's a reference to more than one aspect of you. This is a very accurate description. We do have several aspects to the self and they often get us into trouble.

One aspect wants one thing and another aspect wants something entirely different and they push and pull at us internally.

Breathwork enables you to get in touch with these aspects, find out what they want and then decide if this is truly what you want or is it something entirely different

Breathwork is the perfect process for introducing you to the many selves that live within

I work with Breathwork because it works: Clients come to me with a problem, feeling upset, confused, hurt, sometimes angry  On every occasion, the client walks out feeling at ease, because I teach them how to use their breath to enter into the breathwork process. The breathwork process allows you to discover for yourself what is going on in the inner world and from there you'll uncover a newperspective, you couldn't see previously.

It would be my pleasure and privilege to assist you to make the changes you seek

Treat yourself to a Breathwork Sesion


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