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Radical Forgiveness

Colin Tipping designed the Radical Forgiveness process as a process for letting go and releasing hurtful, emotional issues, problems and situations.

The key, is learning to look at your situation from an entirely new perspective

Forgiveness as we know it now, Colin Tipping calls ‘Ordinary forgiveness'- Radical Forgiveness is forgiveness from a Spiritual perspective.

The Radical Forgiveness Process

Radical Forgiveness replaces old thinking, old habits, old attitudes and beliefs with something radically different, and focuses on the bigger picture in life; The Truth of Who We Really Are

Radical Forgiveness transforms issues:

  • emotional issues
  • relationship conflicts
  • health problems
  • pain
  • illness
  • separation
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks


Radical Forgiveness transforms issues by firstly looking at your situation, as it is, and then looking at your situation from a totally new perspective.

Radical Forgiveness facilitates change through a change in perception.

Radical Forgiveness Asks:

Are you ready to consider that there is another way of looking at your situation?


In his book, "Radical Forgiveness, A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger & Blame, Find Peace in Any Situation" Colin Tipping tells many stories of people he has worked with who made the connection between their suffering or illness and the significance of their situation.

Every experience you have has a purpose.
Everything happens for a reason
Whatever has happened to you, has happened to YOU, because the message is for YOU!


We tend to believe there are two sides to every story - your story and another's story.

Radical Forgiveness says: there is a Spiritual perspective to every story


A Client's Story

Using the Radical Forgiveness process I worked with a client coming to terms with a family member's suicide.

Prior to the session the client was very upset and very unsure how to forgive themselves, the person who suicided, the circumstances that led to the suicide.

  • The client could not release the emotional issue.
  • The client felt heartache, anguish, no inner strength and certainly no outer strength.
  • The client had lost all will to live.

We worked together and I guided the client through the Radical Forgiveness process, step by step.

As the process unfolded, the whole situation was seen in a completely different light.
A totally new perspective revealed itself.

The weight and burden that had been carried lifted immediately. Where the client blamed themselves and was wracked with guilt and self criticism, they left with a new perspective that was totally pertinent to them.

The emotional issue was no longer emotional and the circumstance was no longer an issue. The client's low confidence and diminished will to live lifted and health in mind and body returned.

Any time you can't forgive or won't forgive, it is yourself you keep in prison.*


I am a phone call away. Why not phone now, release the issue and free yourself to live the life you were meant to live.



* Quotes from "Radical Forgiveness, A Revolutionary Five- Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger & Blame, Find Peace in Any Sitation" by Colin Tipping

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