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Breathwork in Action:

Client story #1:

A young child was brought to see me as he/she was having nightmares and the general conversation was 'dark' & quite morbid.

We had a chat and I learned the child had heard the adults talking about the pets getting older and maybe dying. The child had also heard the adults talking about the grand parents getting older, not as strong and reliable as they used to be and definitely more forgetful. One grand parent had already died and with no understanding of death the child was struggling.

This child was beginning to fret and imagine all sorts of scenarios.

So we entered the breathwork process and discovered the child wanted to be able to talk to the grand parent who had passed.

I facilitated that very process and the anxiety melted.


Client Story #2:

A young woman came to see me, desperately wanting to be pregnant.

We talked, I learned a lot about her past, about her current thinking and about her relationship.

We entered the breathwork process and learned that from things she'd heard her mother and grandmother talk about, when she was little, this woman was carrying a negative belief within her.

It turned out to be a very simple process of not believing she could be a good mum. Just understanding the simplicity of her story taught her how quickly, easily and quietly beliefs establish themselves and proceed to rule one's life.


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